Five Things You Should Know About the Law of Attraction

21.03.18 10:16 PM

The law of attraction has attracted many critics and pundits, as well.  It holds that people, attract into their lives whatever they put their focus into. You will attract abundance and scarcity in your life depending on your beliefs. Here are five things you ought to know about the law of attraction.

The Universe Relays Back Your Mood

The law states that you will receive what you give. Vibrations determine your mood. The vibe can be positive or negative. Positive vibes include feelings of happiness and joy. Negative vibes include but are not limited to feelings of sadness and fear.  You will send your vibrations to the environment as vibrations.  When you send positive vibrations, you will receive happiness in your life.

You Should React to Your Imaginations

According to the rule, what is, does not play a crucial role. This simply means that your imaginations have no meaning by themselves. When you imagine that you lack something, you will not receive it. However, if you act on the imagination expect abundance. People, who use their time proclaiming scarcity, never receive abundance. Wealth comes because of putting ideas into how to manifest.

Learn to Believe

Doubt is a resistance that aims at derailing your aspirations. It usually is manifested through the subconscious mind.  Doubting brings negative energy.  Such energy will not help you realize your dreams.  That is why you should start believing. When you trust what you do, success becomes a reality. Teach yourself to believe. By believing, you will feed the universe with positive vibrations. The universe will reward you for this. 

Avoid Negative Words

Even though words are not as important as our thoughts, they also play an essential role. Thought will lead to an action. Words, on the other hand, influence the thought process. When you accustom yourself to negative words, you will be limiting yourself. Learn to use positive words. Words such as 'I do not have what it takes' will not help you realize your aspirations. It is also imperative to associate yourself with people who use positive speech. 

No Need for Struggle

You do not have to work hard to succeed. How to manifest? Choose to manifest yourself like plants, which do not struggle to grow. The perception that one must toil to achieve, is misguided.  Nature does not struggle--hence its' beauty. Feed yourself with positive vibes and you will manifest